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InDesign, Illustrator, vector, and kerning are all words I didn’t know the meaning of until I took my first graphic design class.  It’s my job to know what these words (and about a hundred other terms) mean so you don’t have to. Let me help share your story by designing creative — yet clean — graphics for your business, whether it be agriculturally related or not. 

Below are some different graphic design services I offer, the price on these services ranges from $50-$500. Whatever your needs are, I can work with you and adjust my price if needed.

What is Branding?

Branding is crucial to your business, it’s the public’s perception of you or your company. By branding your company, you are essentially marking every product produced by your company with your brand — kind of like when you brand cattle, only this brand is digital and is placed on newspaper ads, baseball caps, and Facebook posts.

I offer a number of branding packages, each of which contains variations of your logo, logotype (your logo plus the name of your business or slogan), icon sized logos, and a brand guide; plus added features for the more premium branding packages.  All of these design elements are delivered to you ready to be placed on ads or simple graphics at a fair price.

Branding Packages

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I can turn just about any design dreams you have into usable graphics for print and digital disbursement. I also have the capabilities to turn photos into the recently popular digital drawings, such as the “Grad Party” invitation example below.

Check out some of my designs below which include invitations, thank you cards, social media ads, print ads, t-shirt designs and branding elements.

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