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Writing is my passion, plain and simple.  Some people enjoy running, some like to spend their time fishing, but not me; I love the thought of being able to express myself creatively through written word while telling other’s inspiring stories. Currently, I am the Assistant Editor of the Western Ag Reporter where I write and edit news and feature stories, as well as a weekly column; run my blog, Activists vs. Agriculture; and freelance.

Below are some writing samples, please contact me if you’re interested in my freelancing services of column syndication!

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Activists vs. Agriculture Column

Published in the Western Ag Reporter and live on my blog, Activists vs. Agriculture.

Activists vs. Agriculture won second in the overall column category for the Livestock Publications Council’s 2019 contest.

This column is a deep dive into the world of online activists and anti-ag supporters. Each week, I take anti-ag content published to these Facebook groups or on other online platforms and break it down while correcting agricultural misinformation. Contact me if you are interested in publishing my weekly column.

Human Interest Stories

Published in the Western Ag Reporter and Progressive Cattle

My parents say I’ve “never met a stranger” in my life, I feel it’s only fitting that I spend most of my time interviewing agriculturists about their lives on and off the farm or ranch.

Getting to know people and sharing their story is truly my favorite thing to do. If you’re interested in running one of my passionate producer profiles, please contact me.

News Stories

Published in the Western Ag Reporter

It seems that “fake news” is very much alive in many of today’s news publications. I, however, do not condone this practice — no matter how “spicy” it makes the story seem. I uphold ethical journalism, search for valid sources, and meet deadlines.

I would love to cover breaking news or events for your publication. Contact me if you’re interested in hiring me as a freelance writer.

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